Jerr’s Journal:
My Adventures
in Social Enterprise

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Migrating from Innovation to Entrepreneurship is no longer in print, but the title essay is available by clicking here and "A Practical Lexicon for Social Entrepreneurs" is available by clicking here.




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“Jerr Boschee was teaching us about social enterprise before most people even knew what it was. Read Jerr’s Journal: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll ponder, but most of all you’ll keep fighting on behalf of the common good.” (KEVIN LYNCH, Immediate Past President, Social Enterprise Alliance)

“Jerr Boschee has been an inspiration and pathfinder for social entrepreneurs all over the world. If you are serious about wanting to make a difference through social enterprise, you have to read Jerr’s work.” (LIAM BLACK, author, The Social Entrepreneur’s A to Z)

Jerr’s Journal is storytelling at its best. His book is a remarkable learning tool.” (KATIE BURNHAM LAVERTY, President, Society for Nonprofit Organizations; publisher, Nonprofit World magazine)

Jerr’s Journal should be renamed The Gospel of Social Enterprise According to Jerr! The only thing that cheered me up after learning he was discontinuing his blog was that he had combined all 44 monthly essays into this free e-book.” (SUZANNE SMITH, Founder and Managing Director, Social Impact Architects)

“You won’t find a more accessible or practical source on the meaning and power of social enterprise. Jerr’s adventures are sure to inspire yours.” (MARC LANE, author, The Mission-Driven Venture: Business Solutions to the World’s Most Vexing Social Problems)

“Jerr is a true master and his long history of experiences are invaluable not only for budding graduates but also for those who have been in the field for years.” (MARGARET WEBER, Professor Emeritus and Retired Dean, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University)

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Some of the key features on the site include:

*   "A “Philanthropy Hour” podcast featuring an interview with Institute Founder and Executive Director Jerr Boschee with Greg Cherry: Please click here

*   Pro bono coaching services, including "A Day with Jerr," a six-hour session offered each year in four to six different cities.  Each session is attended by a single representative from six different social enterprises: Please click here for pro bono coaching information.

*   A ten-minute video conversation between Institute Executive Director Jerr Boschee and John Bennett, a veteran social enterpriser and former head of WISEA (Wales Ireland Social Entrepreneurship Alliance): Please click here.

*   An overview of social enterprise that contains key definitions, descriptions of the three basic types of social enterprises, a case statement for investment in the field, a review of the origins of the movement in the United States, and 40 examples of successful social enterprises.  Institute Executive Director Jerr Boschee served as principal author, assisted by Lisa Nitze and Corinne Gray.  Please click here.

*   And a variety of information, education and training resources to help you launch or grow your social enterprise.  Please click on the items below or on the tabs to the left for additional information.

  • "Free downloads!": A collection of electronic and print resources about social enterprise, including streaming videos of Institute Executive Director Jerr Boschee presenting at the Skoll World Forum and at a Carnegie Mellon University convocation

  • Speeches, seminars, workshops and pro bono coaching”:  Descriptions of the education and training services offered by the Institute

  • Publications and podcasts”:  Information about books, essays, articles and podcasts produced by the Institute and links to materials published by others

  • Social enterprise terminology”: More than 80 key definitions for social entrepreneurs

  • "What's New?": A brief compendium of events on the horizon for the Institute and for the social enterprise industry

  • "Electronic and print resources":  An annotated social enterprise bibliography

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