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Institute Executive Director Jerr Boschee has been an advisor to social entrepreneurs in the United States and elsewhere for more than 40 years.  He has delivered keynote speeches or conducted master classes in 43 states and 21 countries.
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The Institute for Social Entrepreneurs currently offers three two-day workshops designed for both Board members and senior managers, all taught by Jerr Boschee. The length, structure and content of the workshops can all be adjusted to fit specific needs.

"Jerr has a unique ability to take an organization to its roots to help it re-examine its philosophical base -- the first step in any paradigm shift. He helps organizations challenge their underlying beliefs and brings them into current reality to begin the rebuilding process. His speaking style is very relaxed, but he builds excitement by painting a new reality. His presentations are a unique blend: He is very organized and purposeful, but allows room for the mind to explore the little eddies that flow from his main stream."

The workshops include:

“Entrepreneurial solutions for nonprofits” (an overview of the basic principles and critical success factors associated with social entrepreneurship, plus an introduction to entrepreneurial strategic planning, positioning and marketing strategies, strategic partnerships, business development strategies and financing strategies)

“Positioning and marketing strategies for entrepreneurial nonprofits” (an overview of basic marketing principles, including the differences between strategic and tactical marketing, plus an introduction to positioning strategies, strategic partnerships, pricing strategies and marketing communications)

“Business development strategies for entrepreneurial nonprofits” (an introduction to the business development process, including preliminary planning, brainstorming, initial screening, feasibility studies, business planning, and financing strategies)

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